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Videos That Bring Your Brand to Life

Whether it’s a commercial that plays during the game, an animation on the side of a blog, or a funny clip that catches your eye in your social media feed—it’s self-evident that video is one of the most powerful and versatile marketing tools.

Creating a compelling video is an art form that takes more than just technical know-how and the right equipment. Whether you need a video with wide appeal to use across multiple platforms for years to come, or a precisely targeted video to achieve a specific purpose, we have the skill, experience and artistic vision needed to bring your vision to life.

Our award-winning video production department has over twenty-five years of experience creating videos for a variety of fields, including education, manufacturing, e-commerce, not-for-profit, medical and financial.

E-commerce videos

Video is a crucial tool for e-commerce. It’s unbeatable for showcasing a product’s features in a way that is both enticing and informative. Beyond the product page, video content makes websites more engaging and improves user experience. And when it comes to spreading your message outside of your own website, using video in ads is both visually appealing and attention-grabbing, so they make an impact no matter where they are placed.

Corporate videos

Corporate videos are a highly effective tool for onboarding new hires, training employees and making captivating presentations. So, whether you want to build a library of training materials that successfully engages your employees, or whether you want the best way to showcase the results of the quarter to board members, there is no better way to do so than with video.

Consumer videos

For many of our clients, Davis Advertising video production is focused on consumer videos. Whether you are running these videos on television via cable or broadcast or distributing them from YouTube or a programmatic pre-roll platform, Davis Advertising’s video production team will modify the content to specifically fit the exact video medium your message requires.

Branding videos

Nothing tells a story with as much impact or relatability than video, so it’s a crucial step to building your brand. Branding videos are typically longer than a standard broadcast commercial and are tailored to best tell your brand promise. These videos can be used in sales materials for business-to-business presentations, but they can also be consumer-facing.

At Davis Advertising producing a video that creates a compelling call to action on budget and on time is our number one priority.
View sample videos by business category here.

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