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Video Production

Our videographers create visual masterpieces using the most effective production gear, editing software, and broadcast-quality video and motion graphics.

Corporate videos that bring your brand to life:

Corporate videos are an artform that takes more than just pointing a camera. The creation of a compelling video that truly shows your products attributes, trains your employees or gives your consumers your brand story takes a team that understands how to move a person to action. The buttons we push aren’t on our video cameras or editing systems, but the buttons of your viewers.

Our award-winning team has over twenty-five years of video production experience working with clients in many fields including education, manufacturing, non-profit, medical, and financial. Our videos are designed to work on many different mediums including creating web content, youtube videos, or presentation/training videos.

All videos at Davis start with our team of copywriters who create the video storyboard. The graphic department then designs the visuals to create maximum impact and finally the video team transforms this vision into reality.

Davis Advertising creates many types of videos. Corporate videos, whether for training, trade shows , or sales presentations can all be handled by our team of videographers.

We also specialize in creating brand videos. Branding videos tend to function differently than a standard broadcast commercial video. They are typically longer, and the goal is to sell your company and your brand promise.These videos can be used in sales materials for business to business presentations, but can also be consumer facing.

For many of our clients, Davis Advertising video production, is focused on consumer videos. Whether you are running these videos on television via cable or broadcast, or distributing video from YouTube or a programmatic pre-roll platform, Davis Advertising’s video production team will modify the content to specifically fit the exact video medium your message requires.

Davis Advertising continually invests in our video production equipment and capabilities. We are fully equipped with state-of- the-art inhouse studios or we can move on-location depending on your needs. We purchase the most effective production gear and editing software available, including high definition video cameras and workstations.

At Davis Advertising producing a video that creates a compelling call to action on budget and on time is our number one priority.
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