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Through research, we obtain insights into the market, provide a detailed marketing plan and identify the appropriate channels that are available to you to launch your product.

Launching a new product or service requires a complex understanding of your customers, your internal capabilities, and the overall market conditions. A great product can fail miserably if the timing of the product is wrong. An advertising company that simply puts forth whatever message is tasked to them, without taking the time to research into these key concepts is one that doesn’t understand ROI.

Predicting how potential customers will react to different design options is an important step in branding your business. Although names and slogans are important, many other subtle factors go into creating a response in your customers—a response they may not even realize they are having. Color is one of these factors, and it has a larger effect than many people realize.

People of all different ages and walks of life share fascinating similarities in the way they think about and react to certain things. Many different branches of psychology, science, economics, marketing, and advertising have set out to find and explain these commonalities.

If we were scientists, we would need to explain why these similarities occur, but as advertisers, we only need to know that they exist to benefit from them. Whether due to nature or nurture, colors evoke similar responses in many people while helping memories form and last. Applying this knowledge to your business can help you brand it in the most effective way.

Imagine not just using words to brand your business as trustworthy, exciting or fun, but finding the perfect color that encourages your customers to feel that message for themselves. Some studies suggest that color can increase brand recognition by 80 percent. Consider that signature Target shade of red that is splashed all over storefronts, displays and print ads in an almost comical way. This uniformity helps to link the many memories you have of the brand so that the second you spot an actor decked out in that signature hue, your mind is flooded with a multitude of Target messages.

The commercial doesn’t need to state that the stores are huge or even the name Target, seeing the color sends you those messages instantly. The former UPS slogan “What can brown do for you?” is another example of straight to the point color branding. Hearing that slogan on the radio conjured the image of the logo and the trucks in consumer’s minds, in essence recreating the experience of a print ad or commercial. So if colors are so important to your brand, how can you be sure to choose the right ones? This is where research comes into play.

At Davis, we focus on the research necessary to pull together solid marketing plans, in order to identify the appropriate messaging and delivery channels to reach your core audience, as well as to identify potential growth niche markets.

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