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Social Media

Businesses can no longer afford to ignore social media. We can help you maximize your online presence to build your brand, sell your product and stay current with the latest trends.

Whether you need help creating a social media strategy from scratch or just need help monitoring your current accounts, our experienced team can handle it all—so you don’t have to worry what people are saying about you on social media or what your social media is saying about you.

Social media is not for the weak of heart or stomach. If as a business, you are afraid of ever offending anyone, then, unfortunately, you will most likely never have a strong social presence. That is because there is more to social media than just what you post.  There’s also who follows your postings. Who agrees with your posts can somehow bring heat to your accounts. Then, there are the influencers. Someone you’ve never heard of who just-so-happens to have a half million followers on Instagram can decide to comment on your product or posting, and instantly you have 1000 new followers, of which 50 are trolls, looking to tear you down.

We cater our social media action towards the results you are willing to achieve. If you want a simple social calendar, with a listing of what to post on Twitter and Facebook every month, we can help you with that. If you want to target key influencers specific to your business vertical within a sociographic sphere of customers and build up brand awareness among a new demographic using powerful new relationships, we have you covered.  It’s your story, Davis can help you tell it.

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