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Our in-house photographers provide companies with the ability to use custom, digitally enhanced and unique imagery, whether shot in our custom studio or on-location.

Davis Advertising houses a complete photography studio with photographers on staff. Inside our studio, we are able to control the lighting, composition and overall quality of the photos we produce, such as portrait and product shots, for our clients. And we don’t just stay in the studio. We’ve taken our camera on the road to on-location shoots for various colleges and universities in the area, auto showrooms, banks and hotel interiors.

Using our photographers provides companies with the ability to use custom, digitally enhanced, and unique imagery. Rather than simply using stock footage, using our photographers allows the imagery to tell a company’s unique story. Great photography adds quality and credibility to a brand message. Seeing is believing, and seeing a company’s real photographs is more believable than seeing a duplicated image found elsewhere online.

In-House Services