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Steve Salloway

Director of Strategic Planning

They say in our business, “Nobody dies but the brand!”.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have spent the past 27 years in marketing and media, 13 years here at Davis Advertising – protecting and amplifying our own client’s brand. While attending the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, I was motivated enough to invent my own Advertising Degree. This I did under strict business school faculty supervision of course, through a special program called BDIC (Bachelor’s Degree with Individual Concentration). My formal education, combined with the help of many brilliant mentors whom I’ve had the privilege of working with at various radio stations and ad agencies, has honed my strategic, analytical and creative thinking.

I look at my client’s business challenges from all angles and bring together the right mix of strategy and tactics to solve them. My working philosophy has always been to anticipate and have an answer to all of the questions a client may ask – before they ask it. Above all, it is absolutely imperative to have an educated point of view to share with clients – one based on research, experience and current market conditions.

I’ve worked with clients across a vast array of categories, from high tech, telecommunications, health insurance and managed care, B2c, B2B to retail, but I have a professional focus and expertise in financial, higher education and franchise marketing. I have certifications in Google Analytics, YEXT, SharpSpring, 6 Hubspot Certifications and am a Landmark Forum Graduate.

When not working, I have many interests but my true passions involve amateur astronomy and flyfishing.

Most unusual thing in my office: A telescope bolted to my wall. I came in one morning and there it was! Inspired and executed by my dear friend and colleague, the late Alan Berman.

Some facts about me

  • First concert
    The Kinks
  • Job I wanted as a kid
    I am doing it
  • Favorite Movie
    Annie Hall
  • Favorite Band
    Talking Heads

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