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Natalie Bauer

Director of Account Services

Natalie began working at Davis as a copywriter in 2012 and joined the account management team in 2017. She has always been interested in uncovering the mysteries of human behavior, earning a B.A. in Behavioral Neuroscience from Connecticut College before going on to work in research labs at Boston Medical Center and the Oregon Health & Science University. She transitioned to marketing in 2012, where she uses her knowledge of psychology, neuroscience and marketing to help clients craft campaigns that form strong emotional connections with their target audiences. She’s passionate about digging deep to determine what sets her clients apart from their competition and what truly motivates their customers, joining those pieces together in the most effective messaging.

Today, she is the Director of Account Services, a position that lets her work with her own clients as well as overseeing the client relationships of all the account people at the agency. As the third generation Davis since the agency was started by her grandparents, she is dedicated to keeping their dream alive by ensuring the agency is always at the cutting edge of the latest marketing trends so that it can evolve over time as the marketing world changes.

At home, Natalie enjoys playing the harp, gardening and reading to her 1-year old daughter. And when she has the opportunity to travel, she loves exploring different natural landscapes–from the savannas of Africa to the underwater worlds of the Great Barrier Reef. She’s passionate about photography, and as an animal lover, that typically means the subjects of her photos are four-legged, furry or finned.

Some facts about me

  • Something I collect
    Mugs from traveling – I am most proud of my mug from Borneo
  • What job I wanted as a kid
    Underwater photographer
  • Hidden talent
    Playing the harp, which I started learning as an adult
  • High school yearbook quote
    –let’s then
    despise what is not courage mydarling (for only Nobody knows
    where truth grows why
    birds fly and
    especially who the moon is.-E. E. Cummings

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