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Jeff Carbonneau

Video Production Manager & Lighting Director

As a 20-year film veteran, Jeff’s philosophy is one of balance—between information and emotion. He uses his passion as a drummer to drive the rhythm of the videos he produces, and he enjoys creating a unique spin for every type of industry. Jeff is fueled by a passion for every aspect of the production process—from shot composition and lighting, to directing and making final edits.

Some facts about me

  • Most unusual thing in my office
    Salvador Dali melting clock
  • Fun nickname
  • What job I wanted as a kid
    to be a drummer in a hair band or a director (first one didn’t work out i guess)
  • First concert
    Metallica (back when they were good)
  • Favorite movie
    Monty Python & The Holy Grail (viewed probably over 200 times and still funny)
  • First album purchase
    Van Halen 1984 (cassette)

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