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Jeff Carbonneau

Video Production Manager & Lighting Director

Years of experience
25 years

Your school/degree information
BA in communications/tv production
Worcester State ‘98

Any addition credentials/certifications…the ones i can think of… there’s been more…just not really a “hey look at my award” type of guy

  • Telly award 2004
  • Nefma gold medal 2017

Past work experience or relevant volunteer/freelance experience:

  • News photographer Charter TV3 1998-00
  • Comcast spotlight advertising 2000-07
  • Started the Davis video dept in 2007

Special skills that you use in your work
A skill outside of my job that helps with editing is being a drummer since the age of   10. Rhythm and music play a huge role in editing and the cadence of shots.

Big projects you’ve been involved in that might be interesting to talk about:
Isaiah Thomas
Jayson Tatum
Instron 5 part instructional
Newtown Savings Bank
Edge Fitness

Certain industries that you work in that you want to draw attention to, like education, finance, etc.
From a human interest standpoint, I enjoy helping non-profits promote their message by interviewing the people they help and telling their story.  I believe people connect and/or empathise this way.

A guiding philosophy behind your work: (i.e., how do you make your decisions, making things easy for the client, making things intuitive for website users, making things stand out from the crowd, etc)
With any video project, it’s important remember that the overall goal is to drive someone to action.  It’s a delicate balance of information & emotion.  The worst mistake a client can make is trying to pack too much “information” into a piece.  It will ultimately bore the viewer.  Emotion is what drives a successful video.  The goal is to drive the viewer to learn more and answer a call to action.

Any industry has its unique challenges but every one of them universally wants to tell their story, and the challenge is to view every question, answer, lighting scheme, shot composition, edit, graphic, music choice etc., objectively.  I enjoy putting my unique spin on every type of industry.

Hobbies/fun facts
My hobbies are (wait for it) photography, music, creating, and most importantly hanging out with my best friend and wife Amanda.

Some facts about me

  • Most unusual thing in my office
    Salvador Dali melting clock
  • Fun nickname
  • What job I wanted as a kid
    to be a drummer in a hair band or a director (first one didn’t work out i guess)
  • First concert
    Metallica (back when they were good)
  • Favorite movie
    Monty Python & The Holy Grail (viewed probably over 200 times and still funny)
  • First album purchase
    Van Halen 1984 (cassette)

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