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Carla Arocha

Account Manager

Carla started working at Davis Advertising as an Account Manager in September 2023. She brings to the agency a Bachelor’s in Marketing and a Master’s Degree in Mass Communications, both from Florida International University. Carla has 7 years of experience and has served multiple industries such as real estate, hospitality, cultural arts centers, government, dentists, and home improvement.

Her guiding philosophy is that “sometimes less is more”, and she always strives to be on the same page as her clients to best meet and exceed their needs and expectations. In her spare time, Carla enjoys traveling and bringing her dog along to keep her company. She was born in Venezuela and speaks Spanish.

Some facts about me

  • Job you wanted as a kid: Attorney
  • Item on your bucket list: Travel to Thailand
  • Favorite dessert/food: Sushi & chocolate chip cookies

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