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Brand Refresh and Repositioning for Today Real Estate


How to refresh their brand, while preserving their heritage and hard-earned brand equity and still migrate their brand position as being perceived as sellers of lower to mid-tier homes to one of a modern and effective sales-driven powerhouse brokerage optimized to sell higher-end homes.


After extensive stakeholder interviews that helped us garner insights into understanding their process and establishing a unique value proposition, we analyzed the marketplace, their customers and the competition.


Through these processes, we were able to provide a series of creative mood boards that guide and set the tone for the design of a totally unique, relevant and modern graphic identity. Many logo designs were presented in black & white at first, then various color executions were developed based on the learnings from the approved mood boards. Once the logo and primary color was approved, we design business collateral, marcomm layouts including web, adds and swag. The brand was unveiled at an agency-wide kickoff event for all staff and affiliated agents.

Final Product

A modern, differentiated brand identity consistent across all marketing communications and tactics that serves to differentiate and elevate the brand.

Web Design

Printed Materials and Online Banner Ads