Graphic Design

Talent, versatility and dedication—that’s Davis’ Art Department.

At Davis, creative concepts are brought to life in the Art Department, where graphic designers create eye-catching exhibits. For website design, these exhibits are sent to our digital department to use as a foundation for functionality and usability. Our illustrators create graphics used for video animations for both television and the web. The result is a state-of-the-art experience that enhances branding and offers an attractive, engaging and fluid customer experience.

From collateral materials to print and digital advertising, TV graphics and website designs, our artists utilize classic artistic methods and cutting-edge technology to bring creative ideas to life and enhance branding. The team shines when their creative powers are challenged, such as Wayback Burger’s logo design project.

The flexibility of these designs from one platform to the next, from brochure design, flyer design, or even in-store display design helps clients as their customer’s advertising appetites change.  For customer-focused advertising to shine, Davis’ ability to build for multiple platforms is a must. Our art team’s laser focus on your brand design and overall brand identity is only possible to maintain with our dedication to both the craft and the customer.

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