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Every year we bring home another box of trophies from financial marketing award shows. And, although recognition is nice, we prefer to know that our advertising is having a positive effect on driving business.

That’s why we use sophisticated analytics—including Google Analytics and our own Davis ROI Dashboard—to monitor advertising, website effectiveness, and brand awareness. Combine that with winning creativity, and you have a marketing partnership you can bank on.

Davis Advertising. A sound investment in your financial institution’s growth.

They have demonstrated their unique, creative, and responsive approach to marketing.

Jack Pelrine

Senior Vice President, Marketing, Coastal Heritage Bank

They were flexible to our changing requirements, and always a pleasure to work with.

Janet Belsky

VP Marketing, Leominster Credit Union

They always respond to us quickly and the service we receive from them is truly above and beyond.

Caitlin O'Connor

Marketing Manager, North Brookfield Savings Bank

We worked with the folks at Davis Advertising to come up with a totally new look. They continue to help us maintain our site and are a pleasure to work with.

Deb Mullen

VP, Marketing Director, Bank SIS

Davis has done a great job turning our brand around and getting our name out there.

John Cournoyer

Marketing Manager, Webster First Federal Credit Union

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Google + Davis ROI dashboard

We believe that creativity should never rest on its laurels. That's why we built the Davis ROI Dashboard. Combined with Google Analytics, our dashboard analyzes behavior so we can tailor your website design and content to generate excitement and increase traffic.

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Partial Financial Portfolio

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SIS Bank – Winter Olympics TV spot

SIS wanted to demonstrate just how easy their mobile banking was. By using in-house special effects, Davis was able to bring Nerdy Nate, the spokesperson for SIS, into the Winter Olympics. All filming happened in our studios, and all special effects occured post production. By implementing the animations, special effects, and solid messaging of the ease of use, Davis was able to produce a solid, timely commercial for the SIS BOOM BA campaign, and effectively continue marketing this strategy.


SIS Bank Website

The savvy and innovative web team at Davis, in collaboration with Davis’ graphic artists, recently developed for SIS Bank of Maine and New Hampshire. Designed for maximum functionality, convenience and security for residential and business customers, the new site is responsive (it automatically loads a mobile version for mobile phone users and a tablet version for tablet users), allows for clean integration with outside vendors and includes a live chat option for visitors. In a first for the bank, the mobile version of the site also provides a free app for Mobile Check Deposit at Thanks to Davis’ web development team, customers of SIS Bank can now simply sign their check, take a photo of it, and send it to the bank via their mobile device.


Baystate Savings Bank Print Ad

BayState Savings Bank, located predominantly in Worcester, had money to loan to businesses, but didn’t have the customer flow. They came to Davis to increase their business and commercial lending. We created an out of the box series of ads, as well as a digital campaign and radio spots, that focused on personalized solutions for the potential business customer. Business banking ads typically feature the "Guy in the suit". Whether carrying a ladder, with a wrench in his pocket, or with a hammer in tow, the focus was placed on the tool, and not just the traditional business man smiling at the camera. The contrast between the "uniform" and the tool captured the reader's attention.


Leominster Credit Union Corporate Video

In order to launch a new brand, it is critical that every member of the company understands the brand messaging. For this project, Davis Advertising created a video for Leominster Credit Union employees to watch at a corporate meeting. This video presented the evolution of the existing brand imagery, slogans, and color choices, and brought it to the current brand. This video was a huge success, in that it allowed all employees of Leominster Credit Union to see the brand vision.


Leominster Credit Union Branding Campaign

A trusted financial institution since 1954, Leominster Credit Union craved brand reinvigoration when Davis Advertising became its agency of record in early 2014. Davis updated LCU’s tagline from “Be somebody” to “You’re somebody” and brought meaning to LCU’s logo via animation. Today, with copy points such as “You’re somebody who belongs, and starts with membership” and an animated logo for video and TV, Davis and LCU are demonstrating how membership transforms people and communities into “somebodies” with financial empowerment.


Charles River Bank – Cindy Fairytale

With Charles River Bank in search of a unique 30-second TV ad to enliven its YOUnique campaign, Davis Advertising came through with the Cindy Fairytale TV spot. A clever take on the classic Cinderella story, production began with an idea from Davis’ Creative Director Melissa Begley, who penned the script—a small business success story featuring “Cindy’s” cleaning company. A collaborative effort that drew on Davis’ versatility, it proceeded with Assistant Art Director Nicole Tadgell painting each frame by hand with watercolors, Web Developer/Motion Designer Imer Diaz animating those frames and Davis’ video and audio production departments adding visual and sound effects. Meanwhile, it was decided that the story should be told with a British accent, so Davis located an English actor to handle voiceover duties. Finally, the whole project was overseen by Account Executive Barbie Bell, whose leadership draws on years of advertising and financial marketing experience. Beyond its distinctive appeal, the ad draws attention to Charles River Bank’s YOUnique ability to meet the needs of its customers. As the story itself tells us, after being turned down for a small business loan by other banks, Cindy “…went to Charles River Bank. This bank was a YOUnique fit. They gave her business needed credit. She hired a large crew, so her company grew, and lived YOUniquely ever after.”


Webster First Mobile Demo Television Spot

Webster First Federal Credit Union uses an animated, infographic-style character across many different media. In one of the latest ads, our animated character uses mobile banking for mobile check deposit, from anywhere. The branding value of this ad continues, as it has an extremely unique look and feel. It continues to use clean lines, and artwork that paints a picture.


Berkshire Bank Billboard

Billboards have 5 seconds to capture a viewer's attention. The creative use of non-traditional imagery to evoke an emotional response to sell home equity loans was the goal of this ad. The colors, imagery, and placement of the messaging all tie together to move the audience to consider home equity loans for a new reason.


SpencerBANK Business Services TV Spot

SpencerBANK wanted a television commercial specifically to promote their business banking, highlighting the advantages of working with a small bank. Those advantages include flexible loan terms, quick turnaround times, and rates that are competitive to those of big banks. The commercial works on multiple levels as it reinforces SpencerBANK's new brand imagery to non-business as well as business customers.


North Brookfield Savings Bank Flyer

North Brookfield Savings Bank wanted to be different. Davis created this award winning look and graphic identity that uses hand drawn illustrations and blended with digital enhancements to create imagery that is exclusive to North Brookfield Savings Bank. The branding went over so well that when North Brookfield Savings Bank wanted to redo the website, the design elements from the print ads were incorporated into the web development. The new branding earned a nod from NEFMA, where we took home an award for the new creative design.


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Analysis & Analytics

We measure and analyze marketing performance that maximizes your campaign's effectiveness and increases your return on investment (ROI). The knowledge you receive from analytics fuels the message and can reveal the marketing channels needed to reach your target audience.


Content Generation

With a multifaceted approach that harnesses strategic keyword usage plus engaging written and visual content, Davis’ inbound marketing capabilities do more than simply enhance SEO—although we’re experts at that too.


Digital Strategy & SEO

We focus on maximizing the benefits of digital marketing. We'll work with you to develop a strategy that includes websites, social media, SEO and advertising. Google Adwords, banner ads and other forms of PPC marketing all fall into our wheelhouse.


Focus Group Services

For consumer and product research, Davis will compile and analyze it's findings so your company can uncover perceptions of your brand, products and services, as well as vital information about your demographic, your industry and your competition.


Graphic Design

We combine art and technology to convey ideas and work with typography, images and color to communicate a clear message. Our designers have an opportunity to work on a variety of projects including collateral material, ads, brand identity and web design.



Through research, we obtain an insight into the market, provide a detailed marketing plan and identify the appropriate channels that are available to you to launch your product.


Media Buying

We possess years of industry experience and knowledge to harness the full potential of an ever-widening media landscape. With media buying software, we evaluate media plans overall as well as with respect to the efficiency of each tactic.



Our in-house photographers provides companies with the ability to use custom, digitally enhanced, and unique imagery, whether shot in our custom studio or on-location.


Public Relations

Our team includes both veterans and fresh, inventive talent whose research and writing has proven incredibly effective in earning top placement in news outlets and attracting the attention of editors, producers, writers and on-air talent.


Radio Production

Successfully produced and engaging radio ads result from the combined efforts of our creative team, our production team and our media department.


Video Production

Our videographers offer full-production company quality with the most effective production gear and editing software available to produce ideograph, editing and motion graphics.


Website Development

We use the most modern techniques in web design, including responsive design, mobile optimization, HTML5 and CSS3, and several different CMS models to best suit the needs of our clients. From brochure websites to ecommerce solutions, Davis Advertising can provide a superior, customized user experience. Want to see a selection - Click here.


Google Analytics + OUR ROI Dashboard

We believe that creativity should never rest on its laurels. That’s why we built the Davis ROI Dashboard. Used in combination with Google Analytics, our dashboard analyzes customer behavior so we can tailor your website design and content to generate excitement and increase traffic.

How a website is used is a key indicator of where customer excitement lives. The Davis ROI Dashboard tracks ad performance based on placements, including click-through, CTR, impressions and more. And, by bringing in a powerful ad server, we can monitor which publications are providing impressions and hold these publishers accountable.

We also monitor phone traffic using trackable phone numbers with caller ID, Google AdWords and landing page clicks on specific call-to-action buttons. Some clients need their phone number to be non-trackable, while others want the phone number to change for remarketing campaigns, and stay changed for the next 90 days. We run with both systems.

Additionally, in the event that a company’s corporate requirements prohibit the sharing of Analytics, our dashboard can step in and perform the same functions without upsetting any apple carts.