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Susan Coyle

Senior Account Manager

Susan has more than 25 years experience in marketing and sales, gained at advertising agencies, media companies and corporate offices. She has extensive experience in several industries including finance, healthcare, and higher education.  Before coming to Davis in 2015, she held positions as Marketing Manager at IDG Corporation in Framingham and at PTC in Needham, MA. Additionally, she was Sales Director at Health Monitor Network in New Jersey. Susan is a graduate of UMass Amherst, where she studied marketing.

One of the things Susan is most proud of during her time at Davis is the successful launch of an entirely new brand for two merged banks. Through months of focus groups and research, a new name, logo and brand were developed, and an entire creative and media campaign was launched – on time and on budget. Her efforts ensured a very happy client and a successful rebranding effort.

In her free time, Susan enjoys oil painting and spending time with her two sons. Outer Cape Cod is her favorite vacation spot and she would love to own a little art gallery near the ocean some day.

Some facts about me

  • What job I wanted as a kid
    As a kid, if I wandered away in a department store, my mother knew she could always find me in the greeting card section. I loved reading the verses in the cards and looking at the designs, especially anything unique. So it’s no surprise that in fourth grade I wanted to be a greeting card designer!
  • First concert
    My first concert was Billy Squire and Ratt. I was 13 years old. Little teen rocker!
  • Favorite dessert
    I’m a sucker for a cannoli – with mini chocolate chips please!
  • Hidden talent
    My hidden talent is (ok WAS) dancing….I took dancing lessons for 15 years, and even danced in a TV commercial. (Which I cringe to watch now. It was awful. Lol)
  • Something I collect
    Back when every restaurant had them, I collected match books from places I visited. I have dozens of them from all over the world: Spain, Canada, Bermuda, Arizona, etc. My favorite is from a little restaurant in Toronto called Il Fresco. The little match box has a very art deco, colorful design.

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