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Jessica Guimond

Photographer & Graphic Designer

Jessica is our resident photographer and retouching artist who serves up great imagery for an array of clients. Whether it’s food photography, portraits for a financial client, or an on-location shoot at a college, Jessica does it all —from setting up andcapturing the shot to adjusting the final image in post-production.

Jessica joined the Davis team in 2006. Her past experience includes working as an in-studio photographer, professional retouching artist, and even as a digital camera salesperson and photo lab technician, all of which she credits with building her visual know-how. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Photography from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, where she took additional courses in Graphic Design.

Jessica believes that her knowledge of photography, image adjustment, and retouching is as valuable an asset at a photoshoot as her ability to put others at ease. Whether she’s making someone comfortable enough to give a natural smile for a portrait or assuring a client that something can easily be retouched so they don’t have to spend time reshooting a product, Jessica strives to bring out the best in all situations.

On a related note, her practice of smiling at people everywhere she goes—in hopes that they will smile back and then pass on the smile to others—is Jessica’s small way of spreading joy in the world. Another passion is music. She can often be found strumming her ukulele and singing outside on a sunny day while on her breaks. At home, Jessica enjoys cooking, gardening,and spending time with her family and six cats.

Some facts about me

  • Fun nickname
    Jessica (This is a joke; she dislikes nicknames!)
  • Something I collect
    Antique photographs
  • What job I wanted as a kid
  • Item on my bucket list
    To paint a life-sized self-portrait in oils
  • First Concert
    Stone Temple Pilots at the P.A. Beach Club in 1993
  • Years of Experience
    11 (in advertising, since Nov. 2006 at Davis)
    18 (total in visual arts, since graduating college in 2000)

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