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Garrison Feldman

Audio and Social Media Director

Garrison became enthralled with music and sound at an early age, and his mother begrudgingly bought him his first drum set at the tender age of ten. After banging incessantly and driving the neighbors crazy, he decided to follow in his mother’s footsteps (his mother is a professional bass player and bluegrass musician. She is WAY cooler than he is.) and he picked up a bass.

After his high school choir teacher kidnapped him and snuck him into her class, Garrison’s intrigue built and he became the frontman for a punk rock band, and began playing drums in a progressive rock group. After releasing an EP with one group and a full-length album with another, the bands tragically broke up because, well, they graduated high school.

While studying both film and English at Arizona State University, he would continue to sit-in with various local bands. He also became active in the local film community, and wrote for a local news outlet. After college, Garrison spent time in Los Angeles, where he ended up wearing numerous hats on film sets, from production assistant, to stunt coordinator, to assistant director. He also worked extensively in casting and location scouting with Popular Productions.

He left Los Angeles after being asked to be Michael Cera’s permanent stunt double….

Just kidding

Most recently, Garrison worked for a variety of Boston-area radio stations including WAAF (107.3), WEEI (93.7), WRKO (AM680), and WKAF (97.7). He is excited to bring his unique skills and proclivity for positivity to the team at Davis. His latest film project, a short film called “Uzi”, is currently on the festival circuit, and recently won the Indie Soul award from the Boston International Film Festival.

In his free time, Garrison enjoys toying around with his musical instruments, walking on his hands at the local gym, and co-hosting a weekly podcast. When he has time away from work, Garrison can befound in the wilderness, somewhere. Probably with a pretty solid beard.

Some facts about me

  • My hidden talent
    Worked as a sushi chef for several years
  • High school yearbook quote
    “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?!” –Dr. Seuss
  • Item on my bucket list
    Jam with Paul McCartney or Jason Mraz
  • First Concert
    Boyz II Men, TLC, Montell Jordan & Radiohead, 1994
  • My family nickname as a kid
    Spud. Because when I was born, my older brother thought I resembled a potato.

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