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Chris Gregoire

Digital Strategist

Chris has been at Davis for over seven years now, as a member of the Digital/Interactive team.

Chris uses his diverse background to bring different insights into digital strategy. Teachers must learn to communicate to effectively educate. They must be able to speak to different audiences, based on different learning styles, to be successful in providing lasting information. Add in a successful sales professional, who helped train sales staff, and another set of skills are brought into the fold. Finally, add in a business manager, who helped watch margins and expenses, and can understand maximizing a budget to create the highest yield.

Sales is the skill of persuasion, marketing is understanding, applied.  Digital is simply the medium.

This all makes for a solid marketing professional, but not necessarily a digital marketing expert. But Chris began coding in 1985 on a TRS-80. Although millennials are typically considered to be “native” to the digital world, Chris is part of Generation Y – The generation that pioneers innovative technology, not just knows how to use it. Having been certified by Google for AdWords and analytics as far back as when Google charged money for it, he knows his way around digital media.

His current focus is on learning everything there is to know about adaptive technology, including voice computing, deep learning, and their application in heightened user experience for both SEO and ADA compliance.

Some facts about me

  • Most unusual thing in my office
    A Pickle Flavored Dark Chocolate candy bar (PICKLE RICK!)
  • My hero
  • What job I wanted as a kid
    See previous answer.
  • Favorite movie
    The Original Trilogy.
  • First album CD purchased
    Tribe Called Quest – Low End Theory

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