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Decades of educational marketing and advertising experience are just the beginning of what makes Davis Advertising an effective partner for your institution. We are constantly refining the strategies, tactics, and messages to stay ahead of changes in secondary and higher education.

Using extensive research and analytics, we customize branding and creative to your institution’s specific needs, enhancing your school’s reputation and increasing its enrollment. Davis Advertising. The intelligent choice for educational institutions.

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Traditional Students vs. Non-Traditional Students

Marketing to and recruiting non-traditional students is very different than for your traditional college students. Whereas traditional college students tend to be free from many of life’s responsibilities, non-traditional students typically have full-time jobs, families and financial obligations. For this reason, colleges need to use a different set of tools in order to attract students in this demographic.

The reasons why non-traditional students would enroll in your institution are different from the reasons that traditional students enroll. Non-traditional students look for benefits such as ease of transfer, flexibility of programs, adult services, affordability, and military friendliness.

All things being equal, non-traditional students want an education that is flexible, convenient and cost-effective for them. Your institution needs to demonstrate its ability to meet the needs of these non-traditional students; but most importantly, your institution needs to follow through with the promises that it makes to prospective students, regardless of whether or not they’re traditional or non-traditional students.

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