Digital Strategy & SEO

At Davis Advertising, we focus on maximizing the benefits of digital marketing. We’ll work with you to develop a vision, goals and opportunities that include websites, social media, SEO and advertising. We begin this process by understanding your brand, timeline and specific concerns. We look to integrating your marketing across all platforms, and specifically how it all feeds back into your website. Beyond designing and building new websites, we work to maximize all of your online channels, whether organic or paid.

We then look at the digital channels we have available such as blogs, podcasts, Facebook, Twitter, mobile apps and user content, and work within your timeline to develop a concise strategy that engages and inspires your customer. Google Adwords, banner ads, and other forms of PPC digital advertising all fall into our wheelhouse in the Digital Strategy department.

Our SEO services vary according to our client’s unique needs. For some, it has been a simple tune-up, such as straightening out meta data, fixing page titles, exploring the alt tags associated with imagery, etc. For this level of SEO service, we refer to it as a check-up. A SEO check-up is not a permanent solution; it highlights areas of improvements, and it has a short term improvement. However, a check-up sets the stage for future SEO programs.

Search engine optimization tune-ups only do so much. Search engines are constantly looking for growth and activity on your website, and so Davis Advertising offers more complete packages that include adding content into your site, via blog services, as well as additional inbound and outbound links based on new content.

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