Content Generation

Inbound marketing, blogging and SEO require one major component to be successful: Content. Yes, the cliché “content is king” is more true than ever—so long as it is expertly written and produced.

At Davis Advertising, our content copywriters harness keyword density and marry it with absorbing readability and client branding. It’s the perfect SEO balancing act, especially when you add Davis’ team of photographers, audio producers, videographers and special effects/animators—because superior content generation blends written work with images and video.

Better still, since we do it all in-house, with in-house studios, you can expect consistency across tactics for a seamless SEO/content strategy. The goal? It’s always to attract new customers and keeps loyal ones engaged.

Content is indeed king. So does that make Davis the royal palace?

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Proofreading: The Unsung Hero Of Advertising And Marketing

It’s the set-up man coming out of the bullpen, forever in the shadow of the closer. It’s the music producer, always standing behind the pop star. It’s the ultimate unsung hero of advertising. It’s proofreading, a process that is rarely acknowledged for all the good it does but always blamed when something goes wrong.

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