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Engage Traditional and Non-Traditional Media Tactics


There’s no “copy and paste” shortcut to maintaining brand messaging from one location to another, which is why franchise marketing requires experience, fresh thinking and exceptional persistence.

Davis Advertising has the savvy and creativity to develop winning branding and the attention to detail to ensure success across locations and regions. Whether swapping out radio and video tags for multiple locations, working with ownership groups, or managing nationwide and/or local media buys, Davis is the franchise partner you need.

Davis Advertising. The closest you’ll find to a “Clone Success” button.

When our relationship began last year, I knew that we had chosen the right agency. Davis Advertising has helped position our brand and messaging in the ever-so competitive fast-casual restaurant industry. Our company couldn't be happier with Davis Advertising.

Gillian Plummer

Vice President, Marketing, Wayback Burgers

The team at Davis has continued to impress me since becoming our agency of record in 2013. We have been very pleased by all that we have accomplished by working with Davis.

Jeanne Quinn

Marketing Manager, Honey Dew Donuts

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Google + Davis ROI dashboard

We believe that creativity should never rest on its laurels. That's why we built the Davis ROI Dashboard. Combined with Google Analytics, our dashboard analyzes behavior so we can tailor your website design and content to generate excitement and increase traffic.

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Partial Franchise Portfolio

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Wayback Burgers’ Triple Triple Challenge Promotion

Tasked with marketing Wayback Burgers’ Triple Triple Challenge, an annual burger-eating contest, Davis developed a training video concept centered on four webisodes. The videos, written, filmed and produced by Davis, feature a loudmouthed competitor, Tony, who shares his Triple Triple training methods, challenges viewers to make their own training videos, and dares people to take the Triple Triple Challenge. To watch the videos, visit the Triple Triple Challenge landing page.


Wayback Burgers – 30 Second Television Spot

As part of a rebranding campaign, Davis Advertising produced this 30-second spot to promote Wayback Burgers franchises. The spot highlights the freshness and authenticity of Wayback’s menu items by bringing viewers back to a simpler time. Just as importantly, it leaves room for monthly promotions of the franchise’s popular Burger of the Month and Milkshake of the Month.


Wayback Burgers – Burger(s) of the Month June 2015


KokoFitclub – Promotional Flyer


Honey Dew – Digital Billboards


Honey Dew – Graduation and Father’s Day Email Campaign


Honey Dew – Not Your Coffee – Eggnog


Xtramart – Free Coffee


Xtramart – Facebook “Like” Promo


Xtramart – Facebook “Like” Coupons


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Analysis & Analytics

We measure and analyze marketing performance that maximizes your campaign's effectiveness and increases your return on investment (ROI). The knowledge you receive from analytics fuels the message and can reveal the marketing channels needed to reach your target audience.


Content Generation

With a multifaceted approach that harnesses strategic keyword usage plus engaging written and visual content, Davis’ inbound marketing capabilities do more than simply enhance SEO—although we’re experts at that too.


Digital Strategy & SEO

We focus on maximizing the benefits of digital marketing. We'll work with you to develop a strategy that includes websites, social media, SEO and advertising. Google Adwords, banner ads and other forms of PPC marketing all fall into our wheelhouse.


Focus Group Services

For consumer and product research, Davis will compile and analyze it's findings so your company can uncover perceptions of your brand, products and services, as well as vital information about your demographic, your industry and your competition.


Graphic Design

We combine art and technology to convey ideas and work with typography, images and color to communicate a clear message. Our designers have an opportunity to work on a variety of projects including collateral material, ads, brand identity and web design.



Through research, we obtain an insight into the market, provide a detailed marketing plan and identify the appropriate channels that are available to you to launch your product.


Media Buying

We possess years of industry experience and knowledge to harness the full potential of an ever-widening media landscape. With media buying software, we evaluate media plans overall as well as with respect to the efficiency of each tactic.



Our in-house photographers provides companies with the ability to use custom, digitally enhanced, and unique imagery, whether shot in our custom studio or on-location.


Public Relations

Our team includes both veterans and fresh, inventive talent whose research and writing has proven incredibly effective in earning top placement in news outlets and attracting the attention of editors, producers, writers and on-air talent.


Radio Production

Successfully produced and engaging radio ads result from the combined efforts of our creative team, our production team and our media department.


Video Production

Our videographers offer full-production company quality with the most effective production gear and editing software available to produce ideograph, editing and motion graphics.


Website Development

We use the most modern techniques in web design, including responsive design, mobile optimization, HTML5 and CSS3, and several different CMS models to best suit the needs of our clients. From brochure websites to ecommerce solutions, Davis Advertising can provide a superior, customized user experience. Want to see a selection - Click here.


Google Analytics + OUR ROI Dashboard

We believe that creativity should never rest on its laurels. That’s why we built the Davis ROI Dashboard. Used in combination with Google Analytics, our dashboard analyzes customer behavior so we can tailor your website design and content to generate excitement and increase traffic.

How a website is used is a key indicator of where customer excitement lives. The Davis ROI Dashboard tracks ad performance based on placements, including click-through, CTR, impressions and more. And, by bringing in a powerful ad server, we can monitor which publications are providing impressions and hold these publishers accountable.

We also monitor phone traffic using trackable phone numbers with caller ID, Google AdWords and landing page clicks on specific call-to-action buttons. Some clients need their phone number to be non-trackable, while others want the phone number to change for remarketing campaigns, and stay changed for the next 90 days. We run with both systems.

Additionally, in the event that a company’s corporate requirements prohibit the sharing of Analytics, our dashboard can step in and perform the same functions without upsetting any apple carts.